Debruin_webProf. Dr. Andreas de Bruin, University of Applied Sciences, Munich / Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München

Andreas de Bruin was born in Delft, the Netherlands. After he finished his study in Industrial Engineering and Management in Rijswijk he studied Biopsychology in Leiden. 1993 he went to Munich, Germany to pick up a third study in Anthropology and received his PhD 2003.

He then became to be an advisor in the field of education and professor for Aesthetic Education 2006. His main fields of research and teaching are mindfulness and meditation. Here he especially is studying the effects on the physical, emotional, cognitive and social level. Besides this he teaches classical music, painting and high giftedness.

Andreas de Bruin is working at the University of Applied Sciences Munich. He is an initiator and board member of a special research and education cooperation with the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München for the exchange of expertise between the two universities and – among other things – support collective research and publications, bundle fields of studies and open new ways for students to finish their thesis.

De Bruin is practicing meditation since 1991 intensively and founded the Munich Modell “Meditation at University” in 2010. He is now teaching meditation classes in nine fields of studies at four faculties. Recently he has started a new project “meditation and art” that deals with consciousness listening to classical music and consciousness looking at paintings of the Great Masters.