Glaser_webMr. Christoph Glaser, Director, World Forum for Ethics in Business

Born and raised in Basel, Switzerland, Christoph has served since 2006 as Managing Director for the International Leadership Symposium of the World Forum for Ethics in Business.

As a leadership expert and personal development coach, Christoph has delivered leadership programs in more than 50 countries over 15 years. This rich experience of diverse cultures and an understanding of global social economic and political scenarios has helped him to establish several public-private partnerships for social development.

Since 2009 he acts as CEO for the TLEX Europe (Transformational Leadership) Seminars. Some of the organizations which he has worked with include: Harvard Business School, Accenture, Beiersdorf, Boston Consulting Group, General Electric, Microsoft, Shell and the World Bank Group.

Christoph currently serves on the Boards of a number of Non-Governmental Organizations internationally such as the International Association for Human Values. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy (MPP) from the Humboldt-Viadrina School for Governance and graduated with honors from the Basel Business School, Switzerland.