Mr. Nirj Deva.

“Society today is fast evolving, constantly shifting and daily growing more complex. The challenges that face us seem all the more opaque and simple or easy solutions are hard to come by.

In recent years we have all played witness to the inevitable consequences of civilisation turning away from ‘outdated’ concepts like fairness or ethics. We have, instead, allowed ourselves to be seduced by greed; greed for money, greed for status; greed for power. We have constructed a system that too often rewards success at all costs with little or no consideration as to how it was achieved or who suffered for it. We must realise that this is not a financial crisis that we face or even a political one. It is a crisis of ethics.

I am therefore delighted to be taking part in this forum for Ethics in Business. I believe that together we can use this event to make concrete and resolute strides towards rediscovering the virtue of responsibility. Responsibility for market traders to accept the consequences of their investments; responsibility for individual borrowing and ensuring that we do not live beyond our means; responsibility in those who lead our countries not to keep borrowing past their countries’ ability to pay it back, leaving future generations to sort out our mistakes; responsibility for our environment in not recklessly exploiting our natural resources without providing any form of replenishment.

Gone is the time when we can act without being accountable for our actions. It is on us to demand something more; to translate the discussions of the coming forum into tangible actions. To build a society of conscience that we can be proud of.”