United Nations Organizations in Bonn, Germany hosted WFEB President Rajita Kulkarni in a TV-style talk called ‘7 minutes of discussion’ at the “Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development”. Rajita Kulkarni discussed the role of the private sector in implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Tauni Lanier, Executive Director of IMPACT 2030. The questions focused on private sector led coalitions to achieve Agenda 2030. Impact investment and human capital investments, and activating corporations and corporate workers to take action to achieve the SDGs.

Rajita shared how “The private sector recognizes we are living in an interdependent world – until all the stakeholders are prosperous, there is little chance that an organisation can be prosperous.”

The interview took place on 2 March at 3:30 pm CET and you can watch it here: WATCH INTERVIEW