“I am delighted to be part of this year’s symposium in Berlin. In the meantime economy, ethics and sustainability have become important issues in sports. I was able to use my athletic success in a sustainable manner and build on it as the oldest swimming world champion. Meanwhile, I’m on the other side and may return some of it as an entrepreneur and nutrition medicine expert to the sport and in particular to the athletes.”

Mark Warnecke is an entrepreneur, physician, nutritionist and former athlete. His most exciting swimming achievements were the bronze medal at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta 100m breaststroke, three World Championship titles, seven world records and the surprise victory at the World Championships in Montréal 2005: With already 35 years, he became the oldest swimming world champion of all time. But Mark Warnecke sees himself not only as an athlete: As a trained physician and due to personal experiences he has been working for years on the subject of diet and sports nutrition. He first examined the impact of amino acids on the body.

In addition to performance optimization and the enhancement of regeneration in athletes, these findings help people who try to lose weight without suffering the dreaded yo-yo effect. Today Warnecke has had great success with this self-developed nutrition and service concept. Non-athletes, recreational athletes, but also competitive athletes benefit from his AMsport® products. Warnecke bids farewell to sports at the German championship in 2007.

Now he has devoted himself entirely to his company on the sports nutrition AMsport® and to the topic “Nutrition and Dietetics” in connection with his AMFORMULA®