The World Forum for Ethics and Business is a public interest foundation (“fondation d’utilité publique” – N° 822.216.342) registered in Belgium. The mandate of the Forum includes all manner of pursuing and establishing the indispensable ethical foundations of business in a globalised world.

The objectives of the foundation are to provide a platform for the promotion and defence of ethical approaches to business enterprise and corporate governance; facilitate global dialogue and foster cooperation among the private sector, the academic world, government agencies, international organisations, the media, spiritual as well as secular communities and all other stakeholders with the end in view of fostering decency, maximising human values and building wider public trust in business; recruit the broadest possible support for trends, initiatives and projects that would encourage or enhance ethical and/or spiritual motivations, practices, norms and goals in the business world; assume responsibility for continuing the International Leadership Symposium on Ethics in Business.

For twelve years the WFEB has convened in worldwide conference and since 2006 annually at the European Parliament in Brussels. In the past decade over 40.000 leaders from 60 countries have participated in this conference and innumerable stories of transformation at a personal as well as at a corporate level have been heard. Political leaders, Nobel Laureates and top executives from leading global companies have participated in the annual symposium and in satellite conferences around the world.


1. FC Union Berlin is a professional German association football club based in Berlin. The club emerged 1966 under the current name in East Germany and competes in the 2. Bundesliga for the sixth consecutive season. The home ground Stadion An der Alten Försterei (Stadium by the old forester‘s house) is the largest single-purpose football stadium in the German capital. It has been home to Union Berlin and its forerunners since it was opened in 1920.

The club is well known for its enthusiastic and creative fan base, as well as club initiatives over the last two decades and is colloquially called ”Eisern Union” (Iron Union).

In May 2004, the supporters raised enough money to secure the club‘s license for fourth-division football through a campaign called ‚Bleed for Union‘. This catchphrase was not meant metaphorically. One element of the campaign was that fans donated blood to Berlin hospitals and then gave the money they received from the blood bank to their club.

In 2014 the club came up with the idea of inviting fans to take their own sofas to the ground for the whole of the World Cup. 750 sofas were placed on the pitch in rows in front of the big screen.

Union Berlin became increasingly attractive for new Berliners, even internationals, who are drawn to the club’s atmosphere.