LeaderShift for Transformation. What leadership is needed to face the challenges of the future?

13 November 2015, 4pm, ICAEW Headquarters, Moorgate Place, London

The WFEB Leadership Summit brought together leaders from business, politics and academia to discuss the Megatrends and the shift and agility in leadership needed to deal with them.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Mr. Christoph Glaser, Chief Executive, Transformational Leadership for Excellence
  • Prof. Rob Goffee, Emeritus Professor of Organisational Behaviour, London Business School, Former Deputy Dean and Governor of London Business School
  • Mr. Ashish Goyal, Vice President, Hemraj Goyal Foundation
  • Mr. Michael Green, Executive Director, Social Progress Imperative and TED Speaker
  • Mr. Michael Izza, Chief Executive, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
  • Mr. Leo Johnson, Co-Presenter, Radio 4 ‘’Future Proving"
  • Mrs. Rajita Kulkarni, President, World Forum for Ethics in Business
  • Mr. Jan Mühlfeit, Global Strategist, Coach, Mentor; Executive in Residence, Insead; Ret. Chairman Europe, Microsoft
  • Mr. Milind Pendharkar, Chief Financial Officer, American Express, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Sanjay Pradhan, Vice President for Leadership, Learning and Innovation, The World Bank Group
  • Mr. Ashok Vaswani, Chief Executive Officer, Personal and Corporate Banking, Barclays
  • Hon’ble Baroness Dr. Sandip Verma, Member of the House of Lords, Minister at the Department of Energy and Climate Change

Never in history, has the political and economic landscape changed at a pace faster than today. The digital revolution has turned the world into a global village and the economic challenges in the last few years have led to incredible pressure for businesses to adapt their strategies and keep reinventing themselves. Even global businesses which have failed to keep up with the pace of change have faced extinction. This has undoubtedly created considerable dynamic demand on the business world and leaders, leading to anxiety and many a times a compromise on ethics and good governance.

To deal with the unprecedented speed of transformation and to cope with global challenges such as youth unemployment or the euro-crisis, one of the key demand on the leadership of the public and private sector is to adjust the systems and structures we operate in. However, if the leaders deal with the system and structures alone but don’t shift their attitudes and paradigms, can the transformation be successful? What kind of leadership attitude and skills are needed to sail through these extremely demanding times? How can organizations create a culture which allows for adaptability and transformation? And when do organizations run the risk that their culture eats up the best strategies for change?

The first World Forum for Ethics in Business (WFEB) Leadership Summit held in London examined these dilemmas and more. It also discussed the Megatrends of the next few decades and evaluated how businesses can ensure resilience, ownership and alignment of the their leaders and teams to cope with the challenges ahead.

The World Forum for Ethics in Business organised the Leadership Summit in cooperation with:

• Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)





• Transformational Leadership for Excellence (TLEX)






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