Ethics in Business Awards

The Ethics in Business Award is an annual prize conferred by the World Forum for Ethics in Business to honor individuals and companies that have demonstrated the importance of human values and ethics in life and in the business arena. The Award was instituted in 2006, and is presented at the International Leadership Symposium organized by the World Forum for Ethics in Business (WFEB).

Ethics in Sports Award

In 2014, for the first time, WFEB also recognized outstanding sustainable contributions in the sports arena and once again in 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2022 with the Ethics in Sports Award. The Ethics in Sports Award recognizes an organization and / or individual that have been a leading role model in radiating and embodying ethical behavior in life and in the sports area. The recipients have inspired people to observe and practice human values, and to give equal, if not greater importance, to human values vis-à-vis success in sports. Winners are selected by the Board of Directors of the WFEB.
For further information on the Ethics in Sports Award and its previous recipients please click here.

Ethics in Business Award Winners:


Category: Outstanding Individual Award_02

Hon. Mr. Jigmi Yoser Thinley, Former Prime Minister of Bhutan

  • For inspiring people and institutions to observe and practice human values, and to give equal, if not greater importance, to human values vis-à-vis material commercial values
  • For his tireless national and international efforts to base policies on gross national happiness rather than purely economic considerations.
  • For consistently and widely articulating his views on the crucial significance of an ethical foundation to corporate governance.
  • For defining a new economic paradigm that recognizes the parity between the three pillars of sustainable development: Social, economic and environmental well-being are indivisible.

Read Hon. Mr. Thinley’s speech here.


Category: Outstanding Corporation Novartis

  • For promoting highest standards of accountability, good governance citizenship, and ethical business.
  • For its leadership to be at the forefront in recognizing the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility for solving problems of society.
  • For its outstanding contributions to science and humanity.
  • For integrating universal Human Values into its own corporate values set – through the executions of concrete environmental projects, health projects and global initiatives.
  • For aiming to improve global health.

Category: Outstanding NGO Greenpeace International

  • For the decades of work, for the leading role to raise public awareness to ensure the ability of our Earth to nurture life in all its diversity.
  • For inspiring people to bring peace to the environment for the future.
  • For encouraging people to practical contributions in concrete, accountable actions for environment.
  • For the creative non-violent actions, which mobilize public opinion against the un-sustainable practices of government or corporation.

Category: Outstanding Innovation Naga Foundation

  • For making an outstanding contribution to concretely repair entire eco-systems and restore stability of regional climate.
  • For encouraging local economic activity around the re-greened land, and prompts a self-sustaining system that capitalizes on the emerging value of re-greened land.
  • For inspiring the world in order to realize a green, livable world for everyone.

Category: Outstanding Corporation
Volkswagen Group
Received by Prof. Dr. Prätorius, Head of CSR, Volkswagen AG


  • Their leadership to be at the forefront in recognizing the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Being a pioneer in giving back to communities around them.
  • Integrating universal Human Values into its own corporate value set – through the execution of environmental projects, health projects and global initiatives.
  • Setting outstanding and innovative examples for corporations throughout the world.
  • Their accountable commitment in leadership and practicing Corporate Social Responsibility.

Category: Outstanding Individual
Mr. Luis Moreno Ocampo,
First Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court


  • His work with the International Criminal Court which has displayed a deep commitment to ensure a less violent and more just world – where crimes against humanity are no longer allowed to go unnoticed.
  • His strong courage of conviction in developing the International Criminal Court as a global institution that holds perpetrators accountable for atrocities.
  • His lifelong work in preserving Human Values and rights and for setting the highest benchmark in ethics for the future leaders of tomorrow.

Category: Outstanding NGO
Transparency International
Received by Ms. Huguette Labelle, Chair,
Transparency International


  • Their leading role in creating global awareness that corruption demoralizes societies and mis-allocates resources.
  • Building a global coalition against corruption in business and public life.
  • Promoting highest standards of accountability and good governance.
  • Their decades of work, to bring to light those who have abused public power for private gain – ensuring that such actions will no longer go unnoticed.
  • Their clear vision of a better tomorrow.

Category: Outstanding Public Figure
HE Andris Piebalgs
The European Commissioner for Development


  • Managing efficiently and dispersing the EU €38bn grants for poverty alleviation.
  • Securing the EU’s 0.7% GNI commitment to aid by 2015 from the 27 Heads of State and Governments.
  • Securing an increase in the quality of aid.
  • Empowering the EU to speak with a single strong voice at the UN Summit on Millennium Development Goals; and leading by example through the EU’s extra “1bn initiative” for Millennium Development Goals.
  • Ensuring a Single EU pledge of €.6 billion and coordination of the reconstruction of Haiti.

Category: Outstanding Corporation
Unilever received by Mr. Miguel Veiga-Pestana
Vice-President Global External Affairs


  • Its omnipresence of everyday healthy mass consumption on a global scale
  • Its progressive achievement with sense of ethical, social and environmental responsibility in its chain strategy
  • Being friendly to people and to the planet, and for its magnificent efforts to be fair and forward looking

Category: Outstanding Individual
Mr. Dele Olojede
CEO and Publisher, Timbuktu Media


  • His passionate worldwide human writings of people for peace
  • His devotion and commitment of his talents to the service of others
  • Independent courageous news reporting backed by integrity and credibility with the highest quality of journalism

Category: Outstanding Individual
Dr. Brigitte Mohn
Member of Executive Board, Bertelsmann Foundation, Germany


  • Exceptional work in health sector reform
  • Dedicated commitment to promoting a stronger civil society
  • Being an important role model for ethical leadership

Category: Outstanding Corporation
Sungjoo Group received by founder
Mrs. Sung-Joo Kim


  • Exceptional commitment to social responsibility
  • Its sincere and heartfelt efforts in helping the underprivileged
  • Empowering and inspiring women and young leaders to realize their role in building a more peaceful, equitable and prosperous world



Category: Outstanding Individual
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish
Founder, SEKEM, Egypt


  • Integrating commercial success with the cultural and social development of society
  • Being an outstanding social entrepreneur
  • Providing employees of SEKEM and farming communities throughout Egypt the opportunity to improve their education, health and quality of life
  • Pioneering the development of biodynamic farming methods in Egypt

Category: Outstanding Corporation
GMR Group, India
(received by Group Chairman, Mr. G.M. Rao)


  • Making corporate social responsibility an essential part of its corporate mission
  • Its outstanding contribution to the development of India’s infrastructure
  • Establishing GMR Varalakshmi Foundation to develop social infrastructure and enhance quality of life of communities around the locations of the Group’s presence, focusing on health, hygiene, and livelihood and community development

Category: Outstanding Scientist / Academic
Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr
Founder, Global Challenges Network, Germany


  • Outstanding contributions to science and humanity
  • Dedicated commitment and determined efforts to promote a sustainable, equitable and peaceful society
  • A deep concern for the survival and development of humanity
  • Strong opposition to the militarization of space and use of nuclear weapons.

Category: Outstanding Individual
Prof. Dr. Peter Eigen, Founder, Transparency


  • Creating global awareness that corruption demoralizes societies and misallocates resources
  • Building a global coalition against corruption in business and public life
  • Promoting the highest standards of accountability and good governance

Category: Outstanding Corporation
ING Bank, The Netherlands (received by Senior Executive Vice President, Mr. Rutger Koopmans)


  • Upholding high ethical values in business
  • A strong commitment to the ING values of fair play and transparency in business dealings
  • Bringing peoples and cultures closer together in the context of strengthening human values in the corporate world

Category: Outstanding Corporation
Tata Services, India (received by Managing Director, Mr. T.R. Doongaji)


  • Upholding highest ethical values in business
  • A strong commitment to the values of fair play and transparency in business dealings