Get involved – join WFEB’s Partnership Program

There are a number of possibilities to partner with the World Forum for Ethics in Business and to support the visibility and promotion of corporate culture, ethics in business and human values.

Our criteria for strategic partnerships are the following:

1) Alignment: The foundational principles of the strategic partner are aligned to the objectives of the World Forum for Ethics in Business, particularly pertaining to good governance, environmental sustainability and positive societal contribution

2) Shared Vision: The nature of cooperation is based on the common objective to foster ethics in business and sports, to promote ethical leadership styles and shared value in society

3) Leadership: Top executive teams of the strategic partner demonstrate visionary and ethical leadership

4) Global corporate citizenship: The strategic partner has proven commitment to positively influencing the communities and regions in which they operate

5) Integrity: The strategic partner has a track record of high integrity and acting fairly and ethically

6) Cooperation: The strategic partner is willing to collaborate to leverage our respective strengths in pursuit of our shared goals of promoting ethics in business, sports and society, including through multi-shareholder platforms

7) Diversity: The strategic partner appreciates the value of diversity and respect for all

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