“Bertolt Brecht wrote in The Threepenny Opera, “Food comes first, then comes morality”. He ensured morality has a place in the (capitalist) economy, although not at the top of the priority list. How much morality, can and must they, the economy and professional sports, afford today? I mean: significantly more than in the past, out of their own interest. Profit rates, economic return rates , or the number of medals are not supposed to be the only currency in competitive sports.”

Dr. André Hahn (52) is a Member of the German Bundestag since October 2013. There he is, inter alia, Member of the sports committee and sports policy spokesman of the faction DIE LINKE, as well as Chairman of the Parliamentary Control Panel who reviews the work of the secret services, and Parliamentary Secretary of the Left Party. He is also Deputy Member of the NSA committee of inquiry, the Committee on Internal Affairs and the Tourism Committee. His constituencies are the Saxon Switzerland – Osterzgebirge and the district Meissen.

The Berlin-born graduate teacher was a member of the Central Round Table of the GDR from 1989 to 1990 and did his PhD in 1994, Dr. rer. soc. on the topic: “Political culture in the last year of the GDR based on investigations of the round tables”.

André Hahn is a member of the county council Saxon Switzerland since 1994 – Osterzgebirge. From 1994 to 2013 he was active for the PDS / Die Linke member of the Saxon parliament in various capacities from 2007 to 2012 as the faction chairman.

Sports, especially football, is Hahn’s number one hobby. Until 1991, a football referee (last national league, before until the DDR-League), Hahn was active in the state parliament FC Sachsen: as vice president, team captain and reliable scorer (116 goals in 114 games). Since 2014 he plays in the FC Bundestag.

More information: www.andre-hahn.eu