Eugen Gehlenborg has been a member of the German Football Association’s (DFB) steering committee since October of 2013. As the Vice President responsible for sustainability, social and sociopolitical matters, he also serves as the Managing Chairman of the Egidius Braun Foundation maintained by the DFB and as Chairman of the Sepp Herberger Foundation.

During his days as an active player, Gehlenborg played at the association level and was also active at the district level for many years as a player-manager. He has been holding honorary positions within the association since 1991. He initially serves as the Chairman for the Cloppenburg Fußballkreis, later followed by a positions as Vice President of the Football Association of Lower Saxony and Chairman of the Commission for Social Matters.

Eugen Gehlenborg has also been the President of the North German Football Association since 2009.

As a certified pedagogue, Gehlenborg worked in adult education after completing his degree and held an executive position in the Weser-Ems region. In 2003, Gehlenborg joined Lower Saxony’s Ministry for Science and Culture. There, he was entrusted with heading the division responsible for Continuing Education, Information Management and Academic Libraries and was appointed the Deputy Head of Department for the Research and Innovation area.