“There is no business in the world where so much money is involved, where there is so much social influence, so much political power and yet so little institutional supervision as in sports. A discussion of ethics, human rights, and the responsibility of sports often does not occur.”

Florian Bauer is an award-winning journalist, host and lecturer. As a journalist working in the field of social policy, especially as an expert in the field of sports for the German TV channel ARD, he has revealed many a scandal in the last couple of years. Those scandals mainly belong to the fields of doping, FIFA and human rights in sports. He has been granted several awards for his work and is a popular guest in talkshows, such as “Günther Jauch“, or with channels like CNN, BBC or HBO.

He mainly works for the TV and radio channel ARD abroad and reports on topics that are being neglected in general. Such is the case with, for example, the Sochi workers that have been exploited during the erection of the buildings for Olympia, the question of human rights at major sports events in Belarus, Kazakhstan and China, as well as the history behind having Quatar as the World Cup´s host in 2022.

His being arrested at the end of March this year caused headline events around the globe. Bauer is an experienced journalist displaying his own cinematic handwriting. His most recent work is a 45 minutes documentary about refugees in Germany. As one of only very few international journalists, he reported on the sociopolitical circumstances around the Africa Cup in dictatorial Equatorial Guinea. The film material even had to be hidden in the underpants.

For several years he presented the TV report “Sport im Westen“ (“Sports in the West“) working for the German TV channel WDR. Apart from that, he was one of the youngest commentators for the German newscast “ARD Tagesthemen“. Amongst other things, he teaches journalism at universities, and writes articles for the German weekly DIE ZEIT. He spent several months living in the USA, Madagascar, Australia, and Columbia.