Christoph Glaser

Born and raised in Basel, Switzerland, Christoph Glaser serves since 2004 as CEO TLEX, Europe for the Transformational Leadership for Excellence (TLEX) program for leaders from the public and private sectors in more than 50 countries across Europe, Africa, USA, Asia and the Middle East. Furthermore, he has been instrumental in establishing public-private partnerships for social development initiatives and currently also leads various humanitarian service projects of the International Association for Human Values, Europe.

Christoph is also Board Member of the International Association for Human Values, Europe, and the International Art of Liv- ing Foundation, Switzerland, and serves since 2006 as Managing Director of the annual International Leadership Symposium on Ethics in Business, Brussels. He has been instrumental in developing the World Youth Forum and the “Yes – We Can! Community Leadership Training Program,” which has trained more than 700 emerging leaders in Europe. Christoph holds a Master’s in Public Policy from the Humboldt-Viadrina School for Governance in Berlin and has graduated in honors from the Basel Vocational Business School. Christoph is a certified Leadership trainer of the World Bank Group program ‘Greater than Leadership’ and a certified Integral Associate Coach through Integral Coaching, Canada.

Ewald Poeran

Ewald Krishna Poeran was born in 1967 in Paramaribo, Surinam.

As a trainer of the APEX course (Achieving Personal Excellence), he has given trainings on stress management and corporate social responsibility to managers of various companies, such as Shell, ANWB, and the tax ministry in the Netherlands. Mr. Poeran has also been since 2006 a Director of the International Business & Leadership Symposium and organized several high-level conferences such as the International Conference “Living Values – A Call to Action” in Amsterdam in 2000 and the Interfaith Conference in The Hague. His work has also involved cooperation with the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague.

Since 2001 as President of the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) Netherlands. He is also the CEO of Shankara Europe Holding BV. Previously, Mr. Poeran served in several position in the IT-field and as an officer in the Dutch army.