The Ethics in Business Award is a prize conferred by the World Forum for Ethics in Business to honor individuals and companies that have demonstrated the importance of human values and ethics in life and in the business arena. The Award was instituted in 2006, and is presented at the International Leadership Symposium organized by the World Forum for Ethics in Business.

Every year, the WFEB invites nominations for the Ethics in Business Award, in the categories of “Outstanding Individual” and “Outstanding Organization”. Winners are selected by the Board of Directors of the WFEB based on the selection criteria as communicated on WFEB’s website.

How to submit a nomination

Nominations are invited from members of the community at large. Nominations should be accompanied by a short statement explaining the merit of the nomination against the criteria for selection, together with supporting documentation.

Please include:
• Full name and contact details of the nominee
• A brief summary on the individual or organization, incl. links to social profiles (if applicable) – up to 200 words –
• A summary on the aim and purpose of the nominee’s work – up to 200 words –
• Please describe the success story, impact and achievements of the nominee – up to 300 words
• Please describe the journey of the achievement, how and when did it begin, what was the motivation, which challenge did the nominee have to overcome? – up to 200 words –
• How is the nominee’s work innovative/transformative? – up to 100 words –
• How does the nominee’s work impact people, communities, the planet? – up to 200 words –

Nominations may be sent to