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Ethics in Business – World Youth Forum
A New Dimension to Leadership

The Ethics in Business – World Youth Forum (WYF) creates an open platform for the youth (aged 18 to 35) to voice their message to the world’s top decision makers in today’s global economic and political environment, and to the world community at large!

An initiative of the World Forum for Ethics in Business, the WYF is part of the International Business & Leadership Symposium, an annual event which brings together prominent leaders in business, politics, religion and academia to consider ways and means of strengthening human values and ethics in business, and highlight new leadership styles that are profitable, yet sustainable.

The five pillars of the WYF are:

  • Identify and discuss urgent challenges in the global scenario, and define possible solutions.
  • Develop and strengthen the skills and capacities of the youth to take strong leadership in the world.
  • Provide opportunities to learn through interactive sessions with top business and successful political leaders.
  • Present “A Call of the Youth” at the International Leadership Symposium on Ethics in Business at the European Parliament

The Youth are the Trustees of the World!

Videos from previous events

World Youth Forum for Ethics in Business 2013 – The Call of Youth Presentation

World Youth Forum for Ethics in Business 2012 – Nyenrode University, The Netherlands

World Youth Forum for Ethics in Business 2012 – The Call of Youth Presentation

World Youth Forum for Ethics in Business 2010 – Brussels, Belgium

Youth Leadership Award

The International Association for Human Values awarded the 2008 Youth Leadership Award to:

Ms. Natalie Du Toit
Olympian and Paralympian,
South Africa

Despite having lost her leg at an accident at the age of 14, Nathalie Du Toit was determined to move ahead with swimming competitions both as an able-bodied and disabled participant.She achieved her goal, swimming into a creditable eighth place in the able-bodied 800m Freestyle and winning gold in the 50 and 100m Elite Athletes with Disability (EAD) events. Since then, Natalie has become one of the most successful disabled athletes of all time and an inspiration to many.She competed as an able-bodied swimmer at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. She won five Gold Medals at the 2008 Paralympic Games, making Natalie the most successful athlete in South Africa.The award was given to her for her outstanding courage and endurance to hold on to her dreams and believe in herself.
The International Association for Human Values awarded the 2007 Youth Leadership Award to:

Mr. Suhas Gopinath
CEO & President, Globals Inc
For his outstanding performance, at such a young age, as an international business executive, and for establishing a platform for youth which encourages them in their chosen IT career and empowers them to improve their entrepreneurial as well as personal skills.

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