The ethical Self and Business Ethics, WFEB Nepal

Business Ethics for a Prosperous Nepal
January 2014, Kathmandu, Nepal
Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza

Impressions from the conference

First-ever satellite conference in Nepal with rush on
available delegate places

Nepal’s Prime Minister, leading ministers, CEOs and representatives from other sectors converged at the recent National Symposium on Ethics in Business in Kathmandu to elaborate on ethical practices for sustainable, successful business.

The title of the conference “Business Ethics for a Prosperous Nepal” stemmed
from the need to reconsider business ethics styles and strategies in the face of the on going social and economic challenges in Nepal. The dialogue during the conference helped to examine ethical practices that are sustainable and ensure profitability for businesses.

All distinguished and honourable speakers including H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,
co-founder of WFEB, and Rt. Hon. Mr. Khil Raj Regmi, Council of Ministers,
Mr. Johannes Zutt, Country Director the World Bank, Ms. Rajita Kulkarni, President WFEB, Dr. Yubaraj Khatiwada, Governor Rashtra Bank and other speakers delivered a poignant message. There was an assurance of hope for a prosperous Nepal.

The conference commenced with the Nepali National Anthem as the honourable guests entered the hall and stepped to the dais. In the evening the program concluded with a traditional Nepali folk orchestra, “Harmony in Diversity” performance by Music Nepal. H.H. Sri Sri was also present for the evening performance and enjoyed the display of Nepali ethnic music that showcased cultural heritage of Nepal.

The conference, which was preceded by a World Youth Forum for 60 selected youths, aimed at encouraging dialogue among leaders from all sectors of the society on the need to adapt to ethical values in the private and public sectors.
It put into spotlight the role of the government in enabling legislation and ensuring effective regulatory oversight, judiciary’s role in enforcing laws, and the role of businesses in following ethical behavior.

The World Forum for Ethics in Business Nepal Conference, which took place on January 17, 2014 was attended by over six hundred delegates and participants.

Few days prior to the conference, a talk program for forty women leaders was organized by Ms. Neeva M. Pradhan, Coordinator, World Forum Ethics in business (WFEB). Ms. Ambica Shrestha, CEO Dwarikas Hotel, kindly offered to host this event on January 15 at 2:00 pm. The President of the World Forum Ethics in Business, Ms. Rajita Kulkarni, gave a talk on: “The Role of Women in Instilling Human Values and Ethics in Society”. This helped to foster dialogue on the role
that women can play to encourage human values in society.


Download the detailed conference report from here.