International Leadership Symposium on Ethics in Business in Poland

September 3rd 2010
The Conference has addressed:

  • The culture and leadership of successful organizations
  • Values as anchor to corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Emerging leadership and stress management styles
  • Learning from the crisis: the relationship between ethics and business
  • Secrets of successful global leaders

Pressing issues on the global agenda: further addressing the economic crisis, global warming, corruption and poverty


The Conference took place in one of the most prestigious locations in Poland, the former royal castle in Warsaw. This beautiful building, which was completely destroyed during the Second World War (as most of Warsaw) but so thoroughly rebuilt after the war, hosted a conference gathering business, political and social leaders from all over Poland. This conference starts a series of events, which will create a regular platform to promote and presents completely new, very practical approach, which helps to strengthen ethical values in Polish business and social environment.
The inspiration of this conference and founder of IAHV, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar performed very interesting presentation, followed by energizing Q&A session and relaxing guided meditation.

Politicians first focus on their own career, next think about political party, country and the global perspective is left at the very end. Proper politics should be done using the reverse sequence. Then we can talk about ethical attitude – said Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Up to 38 % of the society in Europe suffer from depression. The special role to develop human values in the society is dealing with stress. People who suffer from stress become not sensitive and start acting without any ethics. Healing of stress is a key to develop humanitarian aspects in life.” These words of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar perfectly corresponded with presentations of panelists – prof W.Gasparski, Director of Ethics in Business Research Center, who presented challenges and opportunities for ethical business and Paulina Miskiewicz, Director of WHO in Poland, speaking about how psychological health of people influence social welfare and economic growth.

Presentations and discussion within panels were moderated by Michal Kobosko – well known journalist from Newsweek – who underlined that Polish society is not very persistent in following ethical values. When our society had to fight for freedom, we were able to follow common spiritual and human values, but when finally becoming free all these values are deteriorating.

This was commented by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar that – “Polish people should somehow remember the feeling of oneness and common goal which strongly brought together the society under communist regime. In modern times we even more need attitude of helping each other. Good political leaders of today should promote and develop this idea of oneness and working together”.

Other panelists also shared their recipes for ethical success:

“Corporate social responsibility is essential for European social development model.” said Jacek Krawczyk, Vice-president of Employers Association – Part of ECOSOC Committee in European Union.

Good PR and positive consumers opinions of the corporations can be gained only by authentic actions for the benefit of the society” – Heike Rosener, CEO of Bertelsman Media.

Robert Korzeniowski, Founder of Sportowa Polska Foundation, multi olympic medalist discussed issues of ethical responsibility of business to create and grow true sport heroes.

Practical remarks on how to achieve success combined with ethics were shared by:

Marek Krupinski, General Manager of UNICEF Polska and Ivo Zaniewski, owner of Advertisement Agency PZL.

Tips on how to effectively create new leaders and new dimensions in the management were given by: Robert Siewierski Country Manager Nokia Poland and Tadeusz Steckiewicz, CEO of Mennica Polska (state corporation responsible for issuing coins)

Panelists and participants agreed that such discussions and sharing of practical experience is essential to support human values development, that we need regular meetings of this kind and promised to actively take part in next conferences.