Action Agenda 2009

Action plan

  1. Franchise World Forum: Expand “Ethics in Business” forums to regional/country settings through WBEF partners – raise awareness, honor ethical leaders, focus on youth; Begin with Africa Responsible Business conference
  2. Forge Platforms for Practitioner Exchange: Forge platforms (online, GDLN distance learning, face-to-face) for sharing practitioner experiences & innovations in business ethics in key areas (e.g, anticorruption, climate change, food security) institutions
  3. Wholesale Corporate Leadership Program: Develop joint corporate leadership program in business ethics, with content from world-class partners (e.g., IAHV, WBI, Wharton). Pilot implementation in WFEB participating organizations & wholesale through partners
  4. Forge coalitions for collective actions: In-country or industry-wide coalitions of businesses or multi-stakeholders (business-government-CSO) around key problems (e.g., extractive industries, procurement)
  5. Monitor, Evaluate & Report Back: Report back on progress in annual WFEB “Ethics in Business” symposiums

Report back on Action

1. Recognized leadership with Ethics in Business awards

2. Hosted World Youth Forum

  • 18 young leaders from 13 different countries spent a week together defining possible solutions for creating a corrupt-free world.

3. Expanded advocacy platform by reaching out to new geographies

  • Conferences in Poland and Russia to implement ethics on a local level

4. Developed transformative leadership capacity building program (TLEX)

  • Piloted in WBI (200 staff & managers), Educomp (India), DARE Urban professionals (with Lee Kuan Yew School, Singapore), CLDI Leaders from conflict states (Liberia, Haiti, Sudan, Kosovo, Kenya, Yemen)
  • Future plans to add corporate responsibility & business ethics component