The World Forum for Ethics in Business, Anti-Doping Norway and FairSport team up for a joint conference on”Clean Sport = Fair Outcome?”, to be held on 25 June 2018 at the Grand Hotel in Oslo.

The conference is expected to welcome leading decision makers from sports, business, politics and media. This conference is a continuation of WFEB’s conference series on ‘ethics in sports’. Earlier editions were held at the FIFA headquarters (2014, 2016) and at the stadium of Germany’s soccer club Union Berlin (2015).

International sport has been in a situation where the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) documented systematic doping in Russia that involved about 1000 athletes. The information was provided to international federations for further investigation and follow-up actions. Shortly after, 95 cases were closed and verified by WADA due to lack of evidence. Further, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspended the Russian Olympic Committee and decided that only Russian athletes with no involvement in the doping history should be invited to the 2018 Winter Games under the name of ‘Olympic Athlete from Russia’.

For a period of time, Russian athletes were suspended for doping from the Olympic Games by the IOC, while at the same time eligible for events under their International Federation (IF) jurisdiction. The IOC decision was appealed and many suspensions were rejected by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). However, the Russian athletes who were acquitted were not able to compete due to IOCs decision to suspend the Russian Olympic Committee.

The public was left with many questions, which the upcoming conference will address such as:

  • When an athlete is suspended for doping by the IOC, is it possible to compete under IF jurisdiction?
  • Are the Russian athletes properly investigated by the IF before they are suspended by the IOC and are they properly investigated before their cases are dismissed by the IF?
  • Do we know for sure that the current hearing and appeal system represents best practice when it comes to fair trial and access to justice?
  • Can we trust that the organizations mandated to detect doping through testing and investigation act only in the interest of clean sport?
  • There are a myriad of conflicts of interest in the anti-doping world, how can we increase transparency of anti-doping processes and reduce the obvious conflict of interest?

The conference will highlight and discuss anti-doping activities in light of the turbulent situation within international sport and anti-doping prior to the Winter Olympic Games in PyeonChang, South Korea, and take place in the context of the Soccer World Cup going on at the same time in Russia.

This multi-stakeholder conference will feature a mix of keynote addresses and roundtable discussions by leading experts to enrich participants’ overall knowledge and experience, and to propose a substantial agenda for action.


  • World Forum for Ethics in Business
  • Anti-Doping Norway
  • FairSport
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