The multiple award-winning journalist, Chief Sports writer of the Sunday Times and author of L.A. Confidential was awarded today during the Anti-Doping in Sports Conference in Oslo for his persistent, value-driven and tireless media work dedicated to a clean and ethical sport


Oslo, 4 June 2019 – In a moving ceremony during the conference proceedings of the 2nd Anti-Doping in Sports Conference in Oslo, David Walsh was conferred with the Ethics in Sports Award 2019 in the category ‘Outstanding Individual’.

The Award was handed over by World Forum for Ethics in Business’ founder and international peace ambassador Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

’Today we honor a person who has showcased an outstanding commitment to uphold ethics in sports even at the potential cost of his own professional career’, said World Forum for Ethics in Business (WFEB) Managing Director Christoph Glaser in his laudation speech. ‘Our 2019 Ethics in Sports Award winner has gone through a 13-years odyssey to uncover a systematic doping rife within international cycling and especially around Lance Armstrong and the US Postal Service Cycling Team. David Walsh had the conviction, the intuition, that one of the most professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen was taking place – based on corruption, greed, lies’.

By conferring the 2019 Ethics in Sports Award in the category to David Walsh, the Board of Directors of the World Forum for Ethics in Business recognized in particular his outstanding service to the sport. Through his media work in the field of anti-doping David Walsh has brought the importance of sportsmanship and clean competition in the forefront of the discussion, and his story and work keeps serving as a best practice learning for future generations.

Being a 4-times-winner of Great Britain’s Journalism of the Year Award, David Walsh continues working tirelessly and, through his work, keeps promoting sportsmanship and good governance in sports.

About the Ethics in Sports Award

The Ethics in Sports Award stems from the annual Ethics in Business Award conferred by the World Forum for Ethics in Business to honor individuals and companies that have demonstrated the importance of human values and ethics in life and in the business arena. The Award was instituted in 2006, and is presented annually at the International Leadership Symposium organized by the World Forum for Ethics in Business at the European Parliament. In 2014, for the first time, WFEB recognized outstanding sustainable contributions in the sports arena and once again in 2016. So far 7 Ethics in Sports Awards were conferred. The Ethics in Sports Award recognizes an organization an / or individual that have been a leading role model in radiating and embodying ethical behavior in life and in the sports area. The recipients have inspired people to observe and practice human values, and to give equal, if not greater importance, to human values vis-à-vis success in sports. Winners are selected by the Board of Directors of the WFEB.


The World Forum for Ethics in Business is a registered public interest foundation based in Belgium (N° 822.216.342). The mandate of the Forum includes all manners of pursuing and establishing the indispensable ethical foundations of business in a globalized world. Providing a platform for the promotion and defense of ethical approaches to business enterprise and corporate governance and facilitating global dialogue and fostering cooperation among the private sector, the academic world, government agencies, international organizations, the media, spiritual as well as secular communities and all other stakeholders are among the organization’s main objectives.

For the past 16 years, the WFEB has convened in worldwide conference and since 2006 annually at the European Parliament in Brussels to advocate and act towards ethics and good governance. The Anti-Doping in Sports conference is a continuation of WFEB’s conference series on ‘ethics in sports’. Earlier editions were held at the FIFA headquarters (2014, 2016) and at the stadium of Germany’s soccer club Union Berlin (2015). WFEB was founded in 2010 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. For further information visit