To address the alarming figures of increased domestic violence, the World Forum for Ethics in Business in partnership with The Art of Living Foundation hosted a dedicated online forum of global women leaders working towards women’s rights and safety. This event entitled “Humanity Against Intimate Terrorism – Domestic Violence Must End” was held on 17th April 2020.

Women’s Safety in These Times
The lockdown to protect citizens from Covid-19 has resulted in an alarming increase in domestic violence. Women are primarily the victims and nations are struggling with the lack of resources and support-systems to tackle this situation while the pandemic and health care are current priorities.

Our Call to Action
It is imperative that proactive measures are taken globally to prevent what is now being called “Intimate Terrorism”. By bringing together women leaders from across continents for this conversation, this online event showcased and shared ideas, methods and best practices for dealing with women’s safety.

This event was organized by the World Forum for Ethics in Business in partnership with the International Art of Living Foundation, a UN-accredited international NGO with a presence in 156 countries. Our partner organization has four decades of experience in women empowerment, mental health of women and in rights and participation for all girls and women.  More information about Art of Living’s body of work is available at

Watch the recording of the session here: