Mrs. Rajita Kulkarni

With renewed strength and commitment, we continue to bring together leaders from all sectors of society to dialogue on the pressing need to strengthen human values and ethics in the private and public sector. The conference is yet another milestone in this journey: our focus is the shift from Advocacy to Action.

Since the last conference, we are delighted to have seen the success of satellite conferences in diverse parts of the world like Singapore, Argentina, Netherlands and more. We have also seen the setting up of Regional WFEB Chapters and partnerships, leading to collective action. The global impact is there to see!

Institutions like Sri Sri University School of Good Governance have been set up. Organizations have been strengthened with the Transformational Leadership for Excellence (TLEX) program.

Personal advocacy has taken a new form. The ‘Oath of Ethics’ has become a powerful expression of commitment to ethical action after the last conference with over 300 people signing up.

The International Leadership Symposium on Ethics in Business is a wonderful meeting ground of minds that live by their conscience and uphold not just that which is legally correct, but also that which is morally just. Inspiring ‘war-stories’ and tales of ethical courage in business uplift the spirit.

We have heard participants consistently recount how energized and rejuvenated they felt as they heard heroic anecdotes of people they could identify with. Each conference germinates ethics ambassadors who become a beacon of inspiration by resolutely ‘walking the talk’ on ethical behaviors. One of our delegates went on to establish a forum in his organization for discussing organizational and human values.

In my own life, the Forum has increased my awareness of ethical dilemmas and strengthened my own conviction in doing what is right. I have been able to take courageous stands in a variety of situations.

For instance: I have been very deeply involved in setting up a university in India in the last couple of years. I can tell you dozens of stories of regulatory red-tape, political manipulations and administrative tangles that could have been easily sorted out if we had succumbed to the temptation of the ‘easy way out’. It was tough, but we refused to budge from our position of integrity; some things took a little longer, but in the end, we were successful in our objectives.

I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Symposium from

30th November – 1st December at the European Parliament in Brussels and setting yet another milestone in fostering ethics in business and good governance.


Rajita Kulkarni, President, World Forum for Ethics in Business