blackmanMember of Parliament for Harrow East; United Kingdom

The World Forum for Ethics in Business is a great initiative and it is heartening to see principles of ethical living being brought into the way businesses are conducted. Prior to becoming a Member of Parliament, I was responsible for the regulatory compliance management at BT. Having worked closely on the regulatory framework and compliance in businesses, I feel it is important to assess how businesses operate. I support the promotion of free trade, providing an enabling environment for businesses and combating corruption across board. I am a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Corporate Governance that endeavours to influence the policy agenda for business, economic and social prosperity.

Bob Blackman is the Conservative MP for Harrow East and presently serves as Joint Secretary of the prestigious 1922 Committee within Parliament. Bob attended Preston Manor High School in Wembley, where he has lived for much of his life. After graduating from Liverpool University Bob joined BT and remained at the company until he was elected London Assembly Member for Brent and Harrow in 2004. Bob was also member of Brent Council for nearly 24 years. During that time he led the Conservative Group for 20 years and the Council for 5 years.

Since being elected as MP for Harrow East in 2010 Bob has been able to bring his extensive experience in Local Government to bear on many of the issues facing the Government today. Bob has taken a lead a role in securing compensation for Equitable Life policyholders as Co-Chairman of the APPG, as well as championing the fight against smoking in his role as Chairman of the APPG for Action on Smoking and Health, and providing a platform for British Hindus to engage with Parliament as Chair of the APPG British Hindus.