CrooMinister of State, Member of the Belgian House of Representatives, Former Speaker and Former Cabinet Minister, Mayor of Brakel; Belgium

Ethics has to be accepted by the people, especially by those who are enthusiast to attend sports manifestations and the millions of them participating in it.

 It means transparency regarding the sometimes immense amounts paid to organize games, to hire players, to keep and build the infrastructure, etc.

Trust and confidence in the correctness of the application of social and financial criteria, even if specific to the exercise of this type of activity, where mass information (media, especially T.V. ) and advertisement, are the mean elements of making it sustainable, needs to be transparent. The law acting mechanisms in a representative democracy means that citizen, whose parliament has been free elected, feel that their will, on a democratic way, has been full filed. Any social business, health, entertainment, taxations, or contributions to wellbeing and welfare will be decided on an open and transparent way.

Herman De Croo  is a Belgian liberal politician. He is a member of the Open VLD. First elected in March 1968, he is the longest serving Belgian Member of Parliament. He obtained a doctorate in law from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (U.L.B.) in 1961. With a Fulbright scholarship he attended University of Chicago Law School (United States) (1961‑1962).
From 1999 until July 2007 De Croo was the President of the Chamber of Representatives, the lower house of the country’s Federal Parliament. He is the current mayor of Brakel.

De Croo was first elected to the Chamber of Representatives in 1968 for the PVV-PLP. He has since served in various governments as minister of Transport and Foreign Trade; minister of Transport, Postal Services, Telegraphy and Telephony; minister of Education and minister of Postal Services, Telegraphy, Telephony and Pensions.

Herman De Croo, who holds a Ph.D. in law, is a former Professor of Common Law at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

He holds the honorary title of Minister of State since 3 June 1998.