Chawla Vikas_webManaging Director, South East Europe, The Coca-Cola Company; Greece

A Foundation going strong for 11 consecutive years, as does the World Forum for Ethics in Business, self-signifies its own importance and relevance to the global business community. Such initiatives draw attention to the importance of promoting ethical behavior in the corporate world, as it is not only the right thing to do, but also constitutes the choice that offers organizations long-term sustainable growth. This year’s Symposium rightly places emphasis on the contribution of each and every individual in an organization. Because when the ethics of each individual are recognized, respected and encouraged, the collective impact can only be positive toward building sustainable and healthy businesses and communities.

Vikas Chawla is Managing Director of Coca-Cola South East Europe across 12 countries. He has been working with The Coca-Cola Company and its bottling partners for 18 years, holding a variety of leadership positions. Prior to his current role in Europe, Vikas headed Coca-Cola’s India Operations, consolidated the bottling business, setting the foundations for long-term growth. Previous to this role, he was named Managing Director of the bottling business in Sri Lanka.

Vikas has led each of the businesses he handled toward strong, sustainable, profitable growth. Amongst his areas of expertise are mergers and acquisitions, strong overall understanding of consumer businesses and successfully developing values-based organizations that deliver high performance.

Prior to Coca-Cola, Vikas was a Senior Consultant with Arthur Andersen. He has also worked in positions of increasing responsibility in the IT industry. Active in the global business community, Vikas speaks across different forums on sustainability, leadership, business turnarounds and values.

Vikas is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program from Harvard University. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and an MBA from the USA.