NougawelaBrand consultant, Sri Lanka

The complexity of technological, social and economic challenges today seemingly outpaces our ability to solve them. The World Forum for Ethics in Business is uniquely positioned to spearhead disruptive leadership models and practices that integrate the unconscious mind into our conscious lives. Our understanding of the quality of leadership, and the dividends that can be reaped by embracing them at the individual and corporate levels, would thereby be significantly enhanced.

Michel Nugawela is a brand development consultant with over two decades of entrepreneurial experience in senior level corporate consulting that includes brand strategy and positioning, brand architecture, new product/service and value proposition development, corporate and brand identity development, and packaging design.

His expertise also includes understanding, evaluating and determining the role of brands in complex situations such as mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, and diversifications, with related specialization in designing and implementing change strategies across organizations that result in new mindsets and behaviours by individuals and teams.

His processes to connect revitalized brands to management and leadership styles, and the wider organizational culture, are grounded in a Jungian psychodynamic approach to transformation and development that focuses on developing a dialogue between the conscious and unconscious psyche, and achieving wholeness through archetypal integration.