berlin-johann CEO, Transformational Leadership for Excellence (TLEX); USA

As our global community searches to define the ever moving gray area of good governance, responsible growth, and social responsibility, it is imperative that we move from a space of personal clarity, social togetherness, and shared purpose. With these drivers  as a framework, it’s important we have an open mind to different perspectives, think about the common good of humanity as a whole, and find areas of shared value to ensure that we are not using ethics that serve only our stakeholders’ interests or worldview, but rather to serve a higher common good. This approach can lead flexible solutions and shared commitment toward addressing the important issues and topics that are key to sustaining balance in a complex global economy riddled with conflicts of interests.

In his current role as CEO of TLEX, Johann has grown TLEX into leading global institutions and Fortune 500 companies, with projects being mentioned in Harvard Business Review, Wharton Journal, and the New York Times. Prior to joining TLEX, Johann scaled boutique triple bottom line and social sector companies from concept to high-impact with a special focus on sustainability, social ventures, and distribution innovations.

Johann has participated as a speaker and facilitator at events like: TEDx London, World Forum for Ethic and Business at the United Nations, Stanford Center for Compassion, Harvard Executive MBA Alumni Summit, Wharton School of Business, UC Berkeley’s Leadership Symposium, Yale School of Management, American Express, as a keynote at GE HealthCare’s Health Ahead Summit Paris, and Dartmouth on Purpose.

Johann holds certification in Coaching from Integral Coaching, and certification in Leading Teams from the Ross School of Business. He graduated with a B.A. in Business with a focus on Sustainability from MUM International. He sits on the boards of both community and global non-profits focused on business incubation, local economies, environment and education.