HuebnerDivision Manager Outpatient Care / Care / Innovation; BARMER GEK, Germany

In our modern business world healthy and highly motivated employees are key to every company’s success. Top executives should help foster a corporate culture and philosophy based on mutual trust and shared values which encourages empowerment and resolves conflicts in a cooperative manner.

Michael Huebner is Head of Division at BARMER GEK, one of the major statutory health funds in Germany. Amongst his areas of expertise are clinical care coordination/facilitation, continuity/transition management and public health. Michael has more than 25 years of experience in health care system management including utilization/financial management and performance and outcomes management. He holds a diploma in economics with a special focus on quality management.

The scope of responsibilities encompasses the facilitating of care along a continuum including services by physicians, pharmaceutical therapies, in- and outpatient care and preventing diseases in the German health care system. In addition services in case management for individual customers is becoming more and more relevant. The main goal of product development is to optimize the utilization of results of customer surveys to identify practice improvements and to use evidence based data to influence needed changes, analysing standard data of treatment procedures focusing on important diseases and mental health.

The research is carried out in association with several universities and other independent non-profit organisations like “Bertelsmann Stiftung”. Current studies for example are concentrated on the impact of stress at work. As a consequence, BARMER GEK is developing solutions for companies and their employees to avoid health risks and provide suitable services in the companies’ settings, especially for managers and executives.