PrakashFounder & CEO, Educomp Solutions Ltd.; India

The World Forum for Ethics in Business is an idea whose relevance and importance has never been as critical as today. We are at a crossroads of the creation of a new world order, not just in business and economics, but also in the frame work of values and ethical principles that shall define the business of the 21st century. This conference is bringing together global leaders from government, business, civil society, politics, bureaucracy and thus creating a very impor- tant platform for both communication and advocacy in this most important aspect of human civilization in the 21st century – the aspect of ethics and values.

Shantanu Prakash, is an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad1988. He founded Educomp Solutions Limited in 1994, a few years after acquiring an MBA degree from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

His vision has been to transform the teaching-learning process through the use of technology and best practices. The com- pany employs over 16000 people across 27 offices worldwide including India, Canada, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. Educomp is the leader in education content, professional development, online learning and the first company to set up high quality schools across the country

Educomp works with over 26,000 schools and 15 million students across India, USA and Singapore and has joint ventures with Pearson PLC and Raffles Education Corporation for vocational and higher education respectively.