conradChairman, CON-First GmbH, Frankfurt; Germany

True Leaders have always acknowledged the operating principles of our universe by being guided by ethics and values. The ignorance of many of these principles by many of today’s leaders has caused the crisis and will cause further crisis based on the law of physics: “action causes reaction”. – Pilots who ignore the operating principles of aircraft also crash. This is the reality. In the future we can only afford True Leaders, being well versed in the operating principles of our universe and being guided by them. Raising these principles is the generally acknowledged prerequisite to taking leadership responsibilities. This is the Paradigm Shift we have to implement.

Mr. Conrad is a top management strategy consultant working with his clients on transforming their enterprise to be relevant in the future. He served in Andersen Consulting/Accenture for twenty-seven years until 2001 and then founded his own company to work with his clients in reviewing their strategic positioning and in charting their future course.

During the past twenty years he has been developing and implementing enterprise transformation plans with his clients. His present research topic deals with effective leadership styles of entrepreneurs and executives in extraordinary turbulent times, moving from motivational to inspirational leadership to respond to the urgent call for aligning leaders’ actions with the universal rules of this world.